Principal's Sunday Message

Good evening Pershing parents and families. This is your principal, Susan Levy, with announcements for the week of May 2nd. 

Our first three weeks of school have been going really well! Students in person are working with students who are online, teachers are excited and working hard, students who are on campus are thrilled to see their friends, there is laughter throughout the campus and we are all so happy to see our students again! We thank you for your support of our faculty and staff. 

Don’t forget that this coming week is Teacher Appreciation Week! Our Foundation, our VP and I are sponsoring a Cinco de Mayo luncheon for our teachers and staff this coming Wednesday! 

Thank you to our Foundation for all you do to support our Pershing family. Speaking of the Foundation, the scheduled Foundation meeting for May 12th has been postponed to May 19th. 

We are excited to let you know that through a variety of projects and lessons, Pershing Middle School has been named a “No Place For Hate” (NPFH) school! Our students have signed a pledge, activities have taken place virtually and we have passed the requirements for this honor. I am so proud of our ASB and all of our students, teachers and counselors who spearheaded this project.  Way to go everyone and thank you!!


Here is ASB's next social action project: Our ASB Students are working towards a goal! Please read below and follow the directions. Their goal is to raise $10,000.00 by having each class donate a total of $300.00. They need your help! Donate today! 

Here is the information from ASB:
We Are About to Kick Off Hero Squad!  

Heroes are never alone, they band together!  Our school has decided to take on blood cancer and the mission is to help find a cure. We will be kicking off our one-week program on Monday May 3, 2021. By participating in Hero Squad, your student(s) will learn about teamwork, bravery, social awareness, and will become part of a squad that supports blood cancer patients, letting them know they are not alone. The Hero Squad program emphasizes the importance of social and emotional learning and gaining the experience of helping those impacted by cancer.  

To join us, please help your student set up an online fundraising page. Visit your teachers google classroom page to set up your online account. Help your student develop a fundraising goal and encourage them to exercise their communication and relationship skills as they ask for support from friends and family. After setting up your online page, download the Hero Squad app (available on Apple & Android devices). This will allow you to easily share your online page via text message, email and social media, while also accessing Hero Gear in augmented reality and taking advantage of our social and emotional learning books. To learn more about the app, check out this video. Every hero needs a squad! Thank you for your support. 

Set up your online giving page today by visiting your teachers google classroom and selecting “Join Your Classroom Team”. Once you set up your page, download the Hero Squad app to easily share your online page via text message, email and social media. Every hero needs a squad!  


Quarter 4 ends on Friday, May 7th. Grades will be due to the Site Tech by Monday, May 10th.  You should receive your student’s grades by Friday May 14th. Please make sure your student is earning no letter grade below a C.  “C” is considered passing. We encourage A’s, B’s and C’s so that students can demonstrate their knowledge of standards as they move forward to the next grade level. If your student is earning grades below C's, please contact your student’s counselor and/or teacher to see how you can help. And remember, you can always view your student’s progress on PowerSchool.  It is extremely important, especially with the kind of year we have had, that students do their very best to achieve passing grades or higher. 

As part of our Local Control Accountability Plan, our District is required to complete the California Healthy Kids Survey (CHKS), the California School Staff Survey (CSSS), and the California School Parent Survey (CSPS). The surveys are anonymous.

The CHKS surveys 7th grade students statewide covering topics related to alcohol, tobacco, drugs, bullying, and other health issues such as school climate and student resiliency. Survey data will assist schools in: (1) preventing youth health-risk behaviors; (2) promoting positive youth development; and (3) fostering positive school climates. Each school site will receive, via email, its own unique URL link to an online survey that students will use to access the survey. The 7th grade students will be taking their CHKS survey the week of May 10th. If you do not want your student to participate, please email our VP, Mr. Hawthorne at

Teachers and staff will take the survey next week.

Please click on this link for the Parent survey:

Little Mermaid rehearsals continue this week on Tuesday and Thursday from 12:00 -2:30. For a list of specific actors for Tuesday, May 4th, please visit the Little Mermaid Google Classroom. All cast members will rehearse on Thursday, May 6th. If your student is in the play, please send in your financial donation made out to Pershing Middle School Foundation. We are ready to start painting and getting the scenery ready and will send out a message for dates that you can help sew or paint. We are looking to borrow a Halloween type witch’s cauldron, if anyone has one! We are using it as a prop for evil Ursula!!! Please let me know if you have one.

•    COVID testing for students – Wednesday, May 12th and Wednesday, May 26th – final date for this year
•    SSC and Governance meeting on May 10th has been moved to May 17th at 1:30pm 
•    Final Foundation Meeting – May 19th @ 6:30pm.  (This is a date change)
•    Patrick Henry Cluster Meeting – May 20th @4:30pm
•    Coffee With the Principal Final Meeting – Wednesday, May 26th at 8:30am 
•    Memorial Day Weekend – Friday, May 28th through May 31st. School resumes on June 1st. 
•    Textbook Return 8th grade – Tuesday, June 1st
•    Textbook Return 7th grade - Wednesday, June 2nd
•    Textbook Return 6th grade – Thursday, June 4th 
•    **If your student is online, watch for directions for Textbook Return. 
•    8th grade Awards Ceremony – Virtual – Thursday, June 10th at 6:00pm
•    7th grade Awards Ceremony – Virtual– June 11th at 10:30am
•    6th grade Awards Ceremony – Virtual- June 11th at 12:00pm
•    8th grade Promotion Ceremony – Live and Streaming – June 15th at 8:30am

On behalf of the faculty and staff at Pershing Middle School, I wish you a great evening and a wonderful week ahead. 

Last week's message:

Good evening Pershing parents and families. This is your principal, Susan Levy, with announcements for the week of April 25th. 

It’s hard to believe we are entering the last week of April and are heading towards the final 7 weeks of the school year! But some great events are coming up! We have determined that we will have a Virtual Awards Ceremony for each grade level on Friday, June 4th. 7th grade awards will be at 10:00am, 6th grade awards at 11:30am and 8th grade awards at 6:00pm.  More details and information to follow. Yes, we will record the events so that relatives and even parents who have to work at that time can participate. Just an FYI, we will not include attendance awards this year given the circumstances. 

In addition, we are making plans for a Live, In-person 8th grade Promotion Ceremony on our joint use field on Tuesday, June 15th starting at 8:30am. There are still many things to work out, but we will keep everyone posted with updates. We want to make sure that we plan for all contingencies so that everyone remains safe. One thing we will say, is that each student can only have up to 4 guests. And there will be no ability to stand on the sides of the aisles for overflow guests. Chairs will be staggered and placed at least 5-6 feet from the next group of seats. Tickets will be required. I will let you know when we plan to provide tickets to the 8th grade families. 

**As a reminder, everything we plan could be cancelled due to CDC and District guidelines and directives, but we are excited and hopeful to start planning this yearly event!

Students will be returning textbooks this year, but will not return computers. The computers will follow the student to the next grade. The incoming 6th grade students will keep their elementary computers and then use them at Pershing in late August when school begins. 8th graders will bring their computers to Patrick Henry HS or whichever high school they will attend as long as it is in the district. If you know that you will be registering your student in either another district, or you are moving out of the San Diego Unified boundaries, the computers will have to be returned to us at Pershing. I’ll remind you again. 

This coming Tuesday we are going to practice a lockdown drill with evacuation at around 10:00am. (Please do not plan to pick up your student at that time, if possible) We are practicing so that students know the proper procedures and safety measures that are put in place at Pershing.  It is something we usually start doing in the fall, but since we have more recently returned to campus, we want all of our students to practice the procedures. 

Please remind your students NOT TO TAKE OFF THEIR MASKS as soon as the bell rings at 12:00 noon.  Walking, and leaving campus, next to anyone without a mask will cause unnecessary exposure to students and staff. Thank you for your help. 

•    SSC and Governance will meet on Monday, April 26th at 1:30pm via zoom. 
•    Rehearsals for Little Mermaid are Tuesday and Wednesday this coming week from 12:00 – 2:30. Please note the change. (There is no Thursday rehearsal but instead we will have Wednesday rehearsal)
•    COVID testing for students will be offered again this coming Wednesday from 1:30 -3:30. Please make sure you sign up for an appointment. 
•    Teacher Appreciation week is from May 3rd to May 9th this year. Feel free to send a happy thought to your child’s teachers and let them know how amazing they have been under these difficult circumstances! 

On behalf of the faculty and staff at Pershing Middle School, I wish you a great evening and a wonderful week ahead!


Previous week's message:

Good evening Pershing parents and families. This is your principal, Susan Levy, with announcements for the week of April 18th.

The first week of Hybrid school was really terrific! A few glitches, and a few issues with computers caused a number of problems, but other than that, it was a great week back. Seeing the smiling eyes of student’s faces throughout the week, hearing laughter and seeing how happy they were to return, made all of us smile! 

Students and teachers, who returned to campus were happy to be back at Pershing. Our online students did an amazing job as well. As you can imagine, this is not an easy task and I know that over the next week or so, we will be able to improve instructional practices for onsite and online students, as well as address the social and emotional needs of all of our students. Please make sure you contact our teachers, our counselors, our VP, and me if there are concerns. 
Whether your student is working online or onsite thank you to all of our parents and families for supporting the teachers and staff at Pershing. 

Parents… if you had your students’ photos taken at Life Touch for the Yearbook, the proofs have arrived at Pershing. We were able to hand out the packets for students who are here on campus, but we need our online parents to contact the office and make a plan to pick up the photos. They are in the front office.

COVID testing occurs every 2 weeks at Pershing. The next one is on April 28th.  If you would like your student to be tested, please schedule an appointment between 1:30 and 3:30 pm on Wednesday, April 28th, here in the staff lounge. If you need help in scheduling, please contact Nurse Kalish at

Many thanks to all the parents who came out on Thursday to support the Little Mermaid Jr. production. If you were unable to make it to the meeting, please reply to this email and let me know if you are interested in helping with scenery, props and/or costumes. Our window to perform the play is closing quickly, and although we got a late start, we are confident that performances will be either the last week of May or the first week of June. It will be a great way to end the school year!

Teacher Appreciation Week is coming up soon! From May 3rd to May 7th we encourage you to thank our teachers for all they do to support our students. We will be honoring them with a BBQ luncheon and our Foundation has some fun things in store for them during the week!

With the Grab-and-Go meals we have received complaints from the neighbors that some students are trashing the lunches and throwing the items on neighbor’s lawns or steps.  Please make sure to remind your students that this is not acceptable; to not take a lunch if they are not going to bring it home to eat, and to refrain from throwing trash on neighbor’s lawns. Sorry to have to even tell you about this. 

Don’t forget Coffee with the Principal this Wednesday at 8:30am. Here is the zoom link:

Back in January and February, we created the Pershing fence “heart” in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King and Black History Month. Thank you to everyone who supported the project. Although the sun is now starting to fade the red ribbons, Dr. King’s message of peace will continue. This week we are going to work on removing the faded ribbons for now.  If you walk by the Pershing field this week, please take a minute to untie some ribbons while we continue to remember his message and his dream.

If you are a 7th grade parent, please look out for a separate School Messenger email that will have a lot of details for the 2022 East Coast Trip! Please respond to Ms. Edgington at  if you have any questions after you receive the information. 

On behalf of the faculty and staff at Pershing Middle School, I wish you a great evening and a wonderful week ahead. 


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