Electives & PE

Pershing students have a 52-minute class every day. All 7/8 grade students are required to take Physical Education (PE) every day for 52 minutes. On alternate days, most sixth grade students take four 12-week short courses of Engineering, Study Skills, Computer Technology, and music. In place of the wheel class, sixth grade students may also take Band, Orchestra, or Study Skills. All seventh and eighth grade students take a yearlong elective class. Pershing offers Pre-Engineering, Band, Orchestra, Study Skills and Spanish. Our Pre-Engineering and technology classes are offered in cooperation with the Engineering Department at SDSU.

Incoming 6th grade students may choose either Wheel or Band as their 6th grade elective.

  • 12-Week Exploratory Wheel
    • Our elective curriculum offers a wonderful opportunity for students to stretch their wings and experience new and exciting courses outside of their core classes.
    • Sixth grade students will have an opportunity to participate in a variety of subjects. They will attend 4 different elective classes for 12 weeks each. (Subject to change due to staffing.)
  • Band: Beginning/Intermediate (All Year)
    • Beginning Band is open to students who have never played an instrument or have taken the exploration class at their elementary school.
    • Intermediate Band is open to students who have played an instrument for at least a year.

7th and 8th grade students are given the opportunity to chose which elective they would like to study. Some 6th grade elective courses are a year long course meeting every other day.

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